In early summer I decided to go to Smith Chiropractic and meet with Dr.Craig and his team. After a very thorough consultation, I was presented with a care plan. The questions they asked and way they actually listened to me got me really excited about my health again. After my initial visit I realized that there was so much more that Smith Chiro offered than just chiropractic care. They helped me figure out some of my medical concerns and how foods or lack of nutrition could play into my migraines.

I am so happy to report that after a few months, things like my back/ hip pain and my migraines have completely improved. I have been seeing family doctors for years for some of these issues.

After I fell and really hurt my tailbone, they adjusted me to help speed up the healing process. Following some nutrition advice from Dr.Scott, I am down 20+ pounds and couldn’t be happier.

I can never thank Dr.Craig and his team enough. I am truly so happy that they were available when I needed them!  Samantha Z.  10/24/2017

I am pleased to tell the fantastic recovery I experienced while under Dr. Scott’s care. I had twisted stuff in my leg as a result of tripping over a threshold.  I had major pain and major weakness in that leg.  Dr. Scott found the right combination of adjustments to get me on the right road to recovery.  It took a couple of months but it kept improving.  Now 6 months out from my last appt. (Oct 2011). I have not had set backs. Strength has maintained. I can’t express enough how well I’ve been. Thank God and Dr. Scott!!!  S.P. 4/2/12

Whether you have previously received chiropratic care or you are considering your first, I strongly recommend that you meet Drs. Craig and Scott Smith of Smith Chiropractic.  They are professional, gentle, exceptionally well qualified and intent upon meeting the needs of their ptients.  They have, quite literally, changed my life for the better.

I went to my clinic’s urgent care unit where an excellent physician prescribed the usual drugs for initial treatment and told me that an MRI  would be necessary if I did not get relief in a few days.  After twom days of unrelenting, excruciating pain, my girlfriend kindly but forcefully convinced me to see her chiropractor.  I had never been treated by one before, but i was frightened, feeling hopeleaa and needed to understand what I had done structurally to my body. Having met Dr. Scott previously encouraged me and I desperately wanted some relief from excruiating pain so I could get a ew hours of sleep.

From the moment I entered the Smith’s office, I was treated with respect and concern.  Dr. Craig Smith conducted an extended initial interview with me, x-rays were taken, and Dr. Scott Smith did some tests and evalutions.  Then  he cautiously treated my pain and I was amazed to have some relief! Four days later I received my evaluation and the prognosis for my care.  The report I received was realistic, factual, scientific and comprehensive.  I had to face some facts about  myself, but they were kindly presented and I began my journey toward better health than I had known for decaeds!

Today I am pain-free.  My posture, flexibility, general wellness and physical, emotional and mental health are excellent.  I have learned respect for my body and, consequently, for myself.  The Drs Smith work with me, not ome.  We are a team and they complement and supplement my continued work with my M.D.  A nice bonus was naturally losing 25 lbs !  Their expertise with a variety of chiropractic care techniques is unique and a definate benefit for their patients.

Now I can’t imagine living without the common sense, excellent care, professionalism and kindness of these doctors and their outstanding staff.  I strongly encourage you to meet then for yourself.  My worst day has become one of my best blessings.  That might happen for you too. Good luck!!! C.C. 9/4/12

I  began seeing Dr. Smith a few years ago for plantar fasciitis in my foot. I had suffered for quite some time and had visited a number of medical doctors. After trying orthotics and steroid shots, the podiatrist recommended surgery. At that point I went to see Dr. Smith and began receiving regular adjustments. Today, I am pain free and have totally avoided surgery. Thank you, Dr. Smith!

Whenever I have an appointment with Dr. Smith, he first asks about my symptoms for that particular day. Before making any adjustments, he does muscle exams to pinpoint each problem. Dr. Smith has given me relief from quite a number of ailments including headaches, insomnia, plantar fasciitis, intestinal discomfort, menstrual cramps, arm numbness, back aches and hip pain. I never receive the same adjustment from one visit to the next. However, I always leave Dr. Smith’s office feeling like a new person.

In my late sixties I began to experience occasional moments of incontinence. It was as if my bladder would suddenly spasm and empty, with only seconds of warning. As the incidents began to increase, I sought medical help. The urologist did several expensive tests, which provided no answers and actually caused more damage. I then tried a prescription drug that was supposed to end the problem, but all it did was severely dehydrated my entire body. My physician put me on a rotating serious of mild antibiotics designed to prevent bladder infections, but it had no affect on the spasms. The problem just kept getting worse.

By the time I became a patient at Smith Chiropractic Offices in 2007, I was reduced to wearing a “pee pad” all the time. With trips to the bathroom every half hour in an attempt to reduce amount that was in my bladder at any given moment. I did not, however, tell Dr. Scott Smith about that problem. After all, he was a chiropractor, right?

A couple months after I began treatment, Dr. Scott adjusted a spot between my shoulder blades, where arthritis had set in because of an injury many years before. I sensed immediately that “something” was different. In the next couple of days I only had a couple of spasms, but I’m a skeptic and discounted the change as co-incidence. But then the spasms ended completely, and by my next appointment I knew with certainty that Dr. Scott had given my life back. Many months later, I remain in control of a very personal part of my body. What a blessing!

A chiropractor had done what all the medical doctors failed to do. A grateful patient, J.S.

I am 86 years old and Dr. Scott Smith’s patient.  About 10 months ago, he told me my glucose may be out of control.  I knew my sweet tooth was out of control and I was gaining weight.  He gave me a 2-week test diet.  After one week I wasn’t craving sweets and after 2 weeks it was completely under control and still is.  I slowly added foods not listed on the diet, avoiding sugars-

I was losing weight and knew I needed an exercise program, so I joined Curves in November.  I have lost about 25 lbs. and 10 inches.  I had blood work done at the 9 Health Fair in April and my cholesterol had dropped, especially triglycerides.  My chol/HDL ratio went from 5.5 to 4.2 – Glucose 93.

I have a little more weight to lose before I can fit into all of my old clothes, so I will continue with the low GI diet and exercising.

I feel so much better and owe the turnaround to Dr. Smith.  Many thanks!

I’m Annette Silvernale and live west of Loveland, Co.  I’ve dealt with three decades of debilitating fatigue,  two decades of neck and back pain, seven years of sharp hip pain which prevented me from being able to job and more than a decade of not being able to stay asleep.  I’ve spend thousands of wasted out-of-pocket dollars with several different doctors over many years who said they could help me feel better but were not able to.

I was looking for someone who could help me get to the root cause of my pain and suffering and help me to actually heal,  not just put another “band aid” over the problem, and what got my attention about Smith Chiropractic was that they use Applied Kinesiology,  testing my body during each visit, listening to what my body was saying it needed then treated me according to my body’s specific instructions at that time.  Each treatment was unique,  not the same “cracking” every visit as many other chiropractors.

I was skeptical about spending more money on yet another doctor who was saying their treatment was different and could help when I’d heard that story so many times before.  Then I thought that I simply could not continue suffering as I was plus they came very highly recommended by someone who actually got positive results, and I thought that if they could actually help me,  then they’d be worth every penny.

After just three and a half short, intense months with Dr. Scott using applied kinesiology chiropractic care including spinal,  multiple organ and digestive care and healing,  I’m able to stay asleep all night every night,  able to exercise and job daily without pain,  have abundant energy all day and the daily debilitating fatigue has finally lifted.  I have no more stabbing dagger-like pain in my back or neck,  and the debilitating sharp hip pain which used to prevent me from jogging is finally gone!

I’m sharing my story with you because I am so very grateful to Dr. Scott for his healing help,  and I want you to know that there is hope for you that you can feel better with Dr. Scott’s expertise and Applied Kinesiology care!

Annette Silvernale 2/16/2015