Health Triad Part 2: Chemical

It’s April! Let’s start the new month and the new quarter of your year with a chat about how you can support your health through nutrition.

As we have been talking about in the last couple posts your health is a combination of three main factors: Physical, Chemical and Mental health. We refer to this as the health triad.

As we look at your complete health picture, body chemistry is one of the largest factors contributing to your overall health. In a fast-paced, modern, on-the-go society, we are bombarded with toxins from the environment and have an array of calorie-rich, nutrient-poor foods. The other day, someone said something along the lines of “Well nothing is good for me and it is so hard to eat right, so I just stopped trying altogether.” That is not the way to stay healthy. Our team is committed to educating you on health and wellness because we care about YOU.

Most people think of a chiropractor for the physical or structural part of the triangle, but what can be done in a chiropractic office for nutritional status? This is where our ability to gather information from your nervous system through muscle testing becomes critical. We know without question that it is the nervous system controlling, monitoring and coordinating all body function. This is certainly true with monitoring your internal chemistry as well.

With your specific symptoms in mind we can test the various organ systems to identify any underlying stresses coming from excess toxicity or nutritional deficiency. If either of those two situations exists your body’s expression of life will be diminished. This can be at the heart of many health concerns from chronic disease all the way to simply not feeling yourself.

Your body should always be in a constant process of repairing, regenerating and healing. Some tissues regenerate rapidly such as skin while others like bone take longer, but it is estimated that within a seven year period every cell in the body has been regenerated at least once. Every seven years you get to be a whole new you! Just think of that amazing building process and consider what you would like to see in your next seven years.

As with any building process this requires raw materials or building blocks. In the case of healthy body tissues the raw materials needed are proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Without quality materials the new body tissue created is not able to function optimally and can set the stage for disease.

We know that toxicity or nutritional deficiency can often be the missing link in many of today’s health challenges. This is why Smith Chiropractic is committed to our doctors providing the highest quality of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies to our clients. Through combining objective testing with muscle response testing and nutritional expertise, we can form a nutritional program designed just for you.

Call and set your appointment today to learn about our way of real health care reform.

Warm Regards,

The Smith Chiropractic Team

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