Health Triad Part 1: Physical Structure

“Oh My Sore Body!” “My back hurts” “I just can’t move that way anymore” perhaps you have heard some of these things. Have you ever known someone that bent down to get something and they could not stand back up? It pains us to think about it.

Your nervous system controls every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body. Nerve impulses travel through your spine and tell the body what to do. This is why having a spine that is free of subluxations is essential for optimal health.

Ever hear the word subluxation used and wonder what it meant in common language? It is simply that your spinal bones aren’t moving properly or are in the improper position. This change negatively affects the nerves between your brain and your body and interfere in that vital line of communication.
This improper motion or position is a natural body stress response. When the body is stressed, muscles go into spasm and spinal bones lock up. Therefore, your spinal nerves are put in a compromised position. This not only affects the movement of your body on a mechanical level but also diminishes your internal function because those parts of your body have unclear communication with the brain.

It is kind of like having a key that fits in a lock but it just won’t turn, to open the door or at least not yet. With a little movement of the key, you generally find the right “fit” to make the key, the lock and the door all work together. Then when it is all working properly, the key fits in, turns and unlocks the door effortlessly. This is how your body should work too. Sometimes, chiropractic care is needed to get your body in proper position so that it can make it’s motions correctly and keep you in optimal health.

Many health problems today are due to nerve impulses that are being interfered with by various stressors in your body. Chiropractic care is much more than for headaches and back pain. Only a chiropractic examination can detect vertebral subluxations and deliver adjustments to reduce their effect on your nervous system.

Warm Regards,

The Smith Chiropractic Team

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