Health Triad Overview: Physical, Chemical and Mental Stress

At Smith Chiropractic in Greeley, CO – we care about your health as a whole.

You are much more than a spine to us. We want to find root cause of whatever problem you may be experiencing and address it at its source. Whether that requires a traditional chiropractic adjustment or another style of treatment to help enhance the function of your nervous system we have the tools needed.

As explained in previous blogs we are able to find the underlying weaknesses of the body through muscle testing which at its core tests your underlying nervous system. Through the muscle tests we can identify the stressors that are diminishing the function of your body and then match the best treatment to help reduce and/or eliminate that stress. Through unloading your body of the extra baggage we allow your master control system, your brain, to communicate more fully with the rest of your body and from there your own God given healing capacities can take over with amazing results.

So what is that extra baggage that blocks the flow of communication? In one word it is STRESS! We believe that stress comes in three forms:

1. Physical Stress: poor postural habits, accidents/traumas, physical work load, bumps and bruises of everyday living.
2. Chemical Stress: Lack of vital nutrients, overload of toxicity, microbial gut imbalance
3. Mental/Emotional Stress: Fast paced go go go lifestyle, relationship struggles, financial responsibilities (just to name a few)

That is the bad news that isn’t really new to most people, but here is the really good news THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE. Healing first starts with hope and with the extensive tool box that Applied Kinesiology provides there is certainly hope to go around. We offer an integrative wellness approach striving to bring balance to the physical, chemical and mental aspects of your body.

If you look at healthcare in our country, you can probably agree it is a mess. With everyone screaming for healthcare reform we look at this as an opportunity to educate our patients about what they can do to stay out of the mess by keeping themselves well. This allows them to enjoy both a higher quality of life and minimizes the draining health care costs all around us.

When you think of a chiropractic office in Greeley, CO, you may not automatically think of a wellness center but that is absolutely what we do here. We at Smith Chiropractic practice a comprehensive applied kinesiology approach to your health.

On the physical level we are looking at the biomechanical function and position of the joints both spinal and extremity and adjust as needed to prevent premature wear and tear. Along with adjusting we are interested in making sure the muscles around a joint are engaging appropriately to hold the correct alignment.

On a chemical level we can use your body’s own chemoreceptors (taste buds) to put information into the nervous system to identify the missing vitamins and minerals or the presence of unwanted toxins. Just as an engines performance can be transformed by getting new oil circulating your body can experience miraculous healing when the proper biochemistry is in place.

And what about that realm of health that everyone wants to avoid even though we know it is eating us from the inside out? Have you ever heard someone say something to the effect of “stop bottling up your emotions”? If that is your typical mode of dealing with stressful situations we have just the ticket for you, a pressure release valve of sorts that allows your body to let off some steam in a very productive way.

In all that we do as an office we strive to create an environment that offers love and healing to those we serve because we want our patients to become family.

Our mission statement says it best, “Enhancing the physical, chemical and emotional well-being of each patient through natural means in an environment of love and healing.”

We wish all those we meet with and serve long life and good health. Over the next few weeks, we’ll talk more about each of these components of health: physical, chemical and emotional well-being.

Warm Regards,

The Smith Chiropractic Team

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