Health: Chemicals and Your Nutrition

The effect of chemicals is everywhere in our food supply today.

Pesticides, herbicides, hormones and other toxic chemicals are used commonly to grow more and preserve foods longer. While this may get foods to market cheaper and looking fresher longer the questions are:

  • What is this modern day processing doing to the nutritional value of the foods?
  • Are the fresh fruits and vegetables you see at the store really as fresh and healthy as they appear?
  • Are you getting the vital nutrients needed from your food intake not only to sustain life, but to provide for healthy and vibrant life?

If you have considered these questions yourself it can sometimes feel like an endless rabbit hole that has no definitive answers, but what if there was an economical way to test where your body is deficient? What would life be like if you could identify the needs of your body and provide tailored nutrition to eliminate illness and provide quality of life?

The great news is that there is indeed a way to get the definitive answers you have been searching for and that way is provided by your own nervous system. With your nervous system constantly monitoring and controlling all cells, organs and tissues of the body it is very aware of nutritional status as well. When exposed to favorable nutrients the function of the nervous system will improve. The opposite is also true that when exposed to an unfavorable substance the function of the nervous system will decrease. Monitoring this response of the nervous system can be accomplished by an Applied Kinesiology practitioner through manual muscle testing.

Utilizing specific methods of muscle testing allows your own nervous system to guide the doctor to provide the nutrients needed for healing along with identifying the substances that are having toxic effects on your body. For many this state of toxicity or nutritional deficiency that can be the missing link in their most challenging health problems.

It has been wisely said that “The food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”. That is why at Smith Chiropractic we are committed to assisting our patients find ways to reach their health goals through lifestyle changes and providing the highest quality of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. Through combining objective testing with muscle response testing and nutritional expertise we can form a nutritional program designed just for you. Plan your visit today.

Dr. Craig, Dr. Scott, Dr. Ryan

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